A Film by Jackson Tisi Filmed on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming, Good Medicine is a short film looking at how the youth and elders of the Shoshone and Arapaho Tribes find peace and healing through skateboarding and traditions. Director: Jackson Tisi Executive Producers: Sofia Vergara, Luis Balaguer, Noah Meisner, Kathleen Grace, Emiliano Calemzuk Commissioned by: Facebook Story Producer: Lucy Place Co-Producer: Rod Carrillo-Lundren Director of Photography: Zoe Simone Yi Editor: Matt Schaff & Sergio Miranda Colorist: Kath Raisch of Company 3 Color Producer: Amanda Pilnik Additional Color: Parker Jarvie of Company 3 1st AC: Sunnie Kim 2nd AC/Movi Operator: Aiden Ulrich Sound Mixer: Nathan Schucker Original Score: Gavin Brivik Graphic Design: Samuel Winship Sound Design & Mix: Brandon Hickey Line Producer: Isabel Montenegro Production Manager: TeNeil Moore French Production Coordinator: Craig Sherwood Office Production Assistant: Nicholas Matarazzo Set Production Assistant: Tucker Hansen Post-Production Supervisor: James P. Axiotis Post Coordinator: Aaron Talavera Assistant Editor: Doug Schultheis Starring: James Trosper, Patrick Smith, Melissa Redman, Teton Trosper, Josie Trosper, Kayson "Ezekiel" Jones, Will Hanway 365 Days of Love Staff: Liz Lenkinski, Carlin Cwick, Jason Arambulo, Amos Mac, Michael Malarkey, Steven Fook Yuan Wong, Sutton York Special Thanks: Matt Wright, Eastern Shoshone Business Council, Northern Arapaho Business Council, Wind River Inter-Tribal Council, City of Riverton, Eagle Spirit Dancers and Singers, Ryan Dwork, Brigitte Wehner, Arri Rental, Amy Marrington Culp, Jamie Culp